Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing: What’s Right for You?
21 Nov

Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing: What’s Right for You?

Marketing is an important part of any business which we can not ignore. It is difficult for the entrepreneur to decide which aspect of brand marketing to concentrate on; digital or traditional marketing.

What is traditional marketing?

Traditional marketing refers to the conventional methods of marketing used ever since the concept of advertisements or marketing came into existence. Traditional marketing has its own advantages that help you to grow business.

Some of the platform for brand promotion in traditional marketing:-

* Newspaper

* Radio

* Television

* Magazine ads

* Billboard advertising along roads and highways

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the new age of marketing method of the global realm. With internet benefits in every aspect of life, by digital marketing brand awareness will increase through it, but also promote your brand on a global platform to reach more customer base. By this, we can target the audience what we want.

Some of the platform to reach customer are:-

* Business networking sites (Linkedin)

* Social Media Sites (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

* Content Marketing

* Paid Advertising

* Blog Promotions

* Email Marketing

Digital marketing, compared to traditional marketing, is much more affordable. It is this factor too that makes it easier for all kinds and sizes of businesses to apply digital marketing strategies over traditional methods of marketing.

Benefits of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing has its own advantages but internet marketing has set a new revolution. It has some benefits over traditional marketing and some of those are:-

1. Low Cost

While advertising ads on newspaper, radio, television and other platform cost a lot, advertisement through the internet is affordable.

2. Brand Development

Brand image by digital marketing will grow fast as compare to traditional because traditional marketing has a limitation of space and internet marketing reach to people in less time. Brand awareness will increases.

3. Real-Time Result

Digital marketing gives quick results, while in traditional keeps waiting for long for the results. Through digital marketing, you can measure and view all the information such as a number of visitors, conversion rate and all.

4. Greater Exposure

Any traditional marketing platform covers a certain area or region, but from online advertisement, you can reach to the wider population or a whole world in less time period.

5. Better Engagement

Digital marketing allows interacting with the audience that is interested in you, directly contact them. You can also engage your audience in chats and discussions for registering better brand presence and gain passive advice to improve your product or service.

6. Easy Analytics

With digital marketing, it is easy to measure your marketing efforts. Google Analytics shows all data such as conversation rate, bounce rate, inbound traffic, users and all.

There are a number of other benefits when it comes to using digital marketing over traditional marketing methods.

Nowadays all brands want a result in less time period for that digital marketing is the best platform. If you are looking for brand promotion then, Infograins Software Solutions provides full-range of Digital Marketing services that allow our clients to extend and to exceed their online business goals.

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02 Nov

Enhance Your App Downloads by Shrinking Your App Size

Today world, we count on richer content, better images, and extra features from our mobile apps, and none of this comes at no cost! The memory of your android device has increased, an app may use an extra space it delivers a bad user experience.

Your app is going to reach many users, you have to focus on the extent of your Android Package Kit (APK). It directly affects the users who install your application.

There are some reasons why the size of your APK might be effect your App:

. Firstly user notices the size of the app and decides to install the app or not based on its


. Installation fails due to less space on a device.

We are going to share some features that help you to build your app in a small size.

1. Remove unused library code:

Libraries may also contain strings for a number of languages, however, if your assignment doesn’t explicitly support these languages then those strings are just adding pointless bulk on your final APK.

2. Get specific with Google Play Services:

Instead of including the entire library on your projects, use google play services.

3. Remove all unreferenced resources:

Sometimes unused resources find their way in your projects and take unnecessary space. So, remove all this unreferenced resource from your application.

4. Remove unused methods and classes:

Remove all unused methods, classes, fields, attributes and libraries from your application you developed. There are some tools( ProGuard) in android that identify these unused methods and classes.

5. Compress Images Size:

You may reduce the files size without losing image quality using tools like pngcrush and pngquant. All this allows reducing the size while the quality of images will be same.

6. Removable Debug Information:

Remove all debug related functionality from your application. An app does not use this data and android OS does not require it to run an application.

These are some techniques to reduce the size of an application. If you are looking for the app that includes this all quality in your application and helps you to grow your business then, Infograins is here to help you. Infograins is highly customized android application development company. We offer flexible engagement models for our clients as per his requirements.

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15 Oct

Social Media Promoting Tips That Assist You to Grow Your Business

Social Media Promotion

Whereas it also has some disadvantages like legal issues and speedy unfold the incorrect info, you do not wish to cursed with any of those. The social media platform offers an excellent way to interact with your people but you must professional while interacting with them.

There are some tips which help you to attract People and grow your business

Proper Planning: For social media marketing you must need a proper planning, strategies, timing, cost, quality, etc. There are many reasons in social media promotion that effects your business. You must set a proper goal for promoting your business on a different platform that helps you to grow your business.

Choose a right platform: Make a right choice of a marketing platform for your business. Check that from where you get a more targeted audience that helps your business. There are many platforms for promoting your brand, choose the right one. Choosing the wrong one will affect your results.

Don’t promote too much: For social media promotion you must follow some rules, you must post a quality content to your audience. Once you post a quality content and images that attract your audience. If you are promoting continuously on social media it’s going to effect on your audience and you will lose some of them. So you must follow some rules and regulation for promotion.

Audience Research: You must research your targeted audience that what age of people will help in your business. Always think like an audience. From where you get more post engagement and clicks. Create your post according to the audience like it may help you to generate an audience.

Time Factor: In social media promotion timing of posting is an important part because when you posting at that time your audience is present at that time or not. It directly affects your post engagement and likes.

Be Patience: Social media marketing doesn’t get result fast. You can’t grow your audience overnight. Post regularly on social media platforms with quality content and images. You may get good results after some time.

If you want to hire a company for your social media promotion that gets more benefits for your business, then Infograins Software Solutions is one of the best option for you.

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29 May Announces Infograins As One of The Best Blockchain Development Companies In India

Blockchain Application Development

Infograins is a big name in IT software industry. It provides a wide range of best IT software solutions around the world. The experts and the skillful talents of Infograins provides what exactly the clients want. We are very particular about the quality we provide to our clients. The company has a whole wide range of services to provide including Mobile App Development, Blockchain Application Development, Web Design & Development, E-commerce Development and much more. Our company believes in providing creative products and services with the blend of new technology. Blockchain is one emerging technology and we have experts to serve the best of this new technology to the world.

Security, Identity and Ownership is guaranteed”

On the in spite of the conviction that Blockchain innovation is a debacle, the innovation is demonstrating its energy by rethinking the way we execute. Today, the innovation has effectively stood the trial of time and the market for Blockchain innovation is assessed to achieve 2.3 billion before the finish of 2021. Organisations can profit with this technology as it enables one to improve client encounter and streamline all the inner procedure.

What is the role of Infograins in Blockchain Development?

We at Infograins set up together the best group on board to create and plan every one of the administrations extending from easy to cutting edge Blockchain design. Our skillful mastery in Blockchain advancement will investigate your necessities and help you acclimate with the potential outcomes of this innovation to meet your business particulars.

Hire our Blockchain application developers and comprehend the extent of Blockchain technology that can enable you to expand your business efficiency.

We get happy when our best work gets recognized by the leading platform of the world – We must thank them to provide us an opportunity to reach our customers across the globe and award us as one of the best Blockchain Development Companies in India. Top app development companies is very known to promote and give an open platform to new & deserving companies to show case their talent. This way many investors get to know new companies and it is much easier for them to choose the correct one for their business needs.

infograins- Blockchain development company

Here You Can See Why We Are Awarded As Best Blockchain Development Company by is a platform to promote top application development service providers around the world to help people who are looking for best app developers in their nearby area or in any country around the world. Purpose of this website is for buyers to find right and good companies for their app development projects. It analysed that Infograins is best suitable Mobile Application Development company for buyer those who are looking to develop their apps at a quite competitive price.

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23 May

How Can You Implement Ethereum Smart Contract For Your Business?


Smart contracts are popular for various reasons and thus, Ethereum Smart Contract Development is in demand. Ethereum platform lets you make the perfect smart contract as per your requirements and the users of such smart contract hardly regret their decision. Smart contracts are essential in today’s business world and a lot of businessmen are looking for safe, solid, and secure smart contracts.

Is Your Business is Missing Smart Contracts?

Certain, the use of Smart contracts look attractive but before you use them, you have to think about the pros and cons of the Smart contracts. Smart contracts are the only solutions for you when you want to deal with other parties with a more safe and secure system and want to decentralize the system of decision making. Furthermore, you must use Smart contracts if you need transparency in all the transactions without any need of a third party. Because of such reasons, many businessmen have adopted the Smart contracts that are based on automated Blockchain technology.

Premier Benefits of Implementing Ethereum Smart Contracts in Your Business

While you are about to make any decision about using Smart contracts you must know about the prime benefits of the implementation of the Smart Contracts in your business. Actually, using Smart Contracts is a smart decision and you are going to feel an immediate change in the overall process when all the transactions are done in a secure environment. Thus, if you implement Smart contracts in your business, you may have the following benefits.

No Involvement of Third Parties

The first benefit of using Smart Contract is the elimination of the third parties. When you make a strong and secure smart contract, you generally do not need any third party or platform.

The Security Issues

The decentralized approach of Blockchain technology makes the transactions extremely secure and there is no fear of the manipulation by the third party. Moreover, the security of the system is just unbreakable.

Automation and Speed

The tasks are fully automated and done in a secure environment with a fast speed of transactions.


When any third party is not involved in the transactions, the overall process becomes cost-effective.


Whenever you need, you can access the information that is saved multiple times with the clear authentication.

How to Implement Smart Contracts to Your Business?

When you have decided to implement Smart Contracts in your business, you require two simple steps to follow.

Let us see!

Hire Certified and Experienced Blockchain Developers

first of all, you need a Smart Contract development company that provides high-rate Smart contract development services. In fact, for the implementation, you need a blockchain solution for your business and this is possible if you hire skilled Blockchain developers.

Just Forget Your Worries About the Development

Skilled Blockchain and Smart Contracts developers ensure that you do not leave any hole in the process as there is not any room for an error because there are limited chances to correct the mistake. Once you have hired a team of Blockchain developments, you may leave all or worries because they will handle the technical side of the Smart contract development.

Your hired developers will choose a Blockchain platform like Ethereum and design the nodes or APIs. Then, they will consider your hardware and later, they define the conditions that must be fulfilled in the Smart Contract. At the last, they test the Smart Contracts to make sure that they are error-free.

Infograins Software Solutions can help you if you are going to start working with Smart Contract and do not know much about the Ethereum Smart Contract Development. The developers of Infograins are capable of making powerful and safe Smart Contracts for you as per your needs and our testing department will take care of your Smart Contracts to make them totally bug-free. Call us if you are interested.

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16 May

Why SEO Is Important To The Success Of Your Business

Best SEO Service Company

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and digital marketing are well-known concepts of today’s business world. All of the organizations have a separate marketing team to handle the issues related to online marketing or they hire Digital Marketing Services if they are willing to work with a skilled team of professionals. The digital marketing experts say that this is always beneficial to hire a company because most of the SEO and digital marketing services have a considerable expertise in the field.

Why is SEO effective with an SEO service?

This is a million dollar question and we feel glad to answer this crucial question. In dealing with SEO practices is not a bed of roses and if you want to stay in the competition you have to learn a lot of new things daily about SEO. A reliable digital marketing agency would provide you the best services with advanced algorithms and ranking signals.

Hired SEO experts can help the business in implementing the advanced technologies and while you are working with professionals, you have to good chance to share your experiences regarding the SEO practices. It is a good opportunity to learn.

How can SEO help you grow your Business?

It is sure that SEO is the best online marketing strategy when we talk about the main online marketing tools. Most of the time, this is the central point of other online marketing tools. Today’s users depend on the Internet for everything they search and most of the businessmen are interested in utilizing this behavior of the customers. However, it seems not easy while you have to compete with millions of other websites that are working in the same niche.

SEO help you to cope with this situation and with the help of the best SEO tools, your website can achieve higher rankings in the search engines.

SEO is extremely beneficial and it offers a number of advantages for the businesses. Here, we are providing the main five benefits that are crucial for every business.

Enhanced User-Experience:

Search Engine Optimization helps you enhance the user-experience while they are spending their time on the website. For improving your ranking on the search engines, you use the best SEO practices and try to make the website more user-friendly as this is the first demand of a search engine. You increase the speed of loading a page, you do not allow any broken links on the website and in this process, you actually enhance the overall user experience. This is the prime benefit of using SEO.

SEO provides you long-term Success:

With a great effort, the SEO experts improve your rankings and once you are on the top, you enjoy the results for a long time. It means you are going to receive a lot of call and messes just because of your good ranking. As a result, you ensure a long-term success for your brand.

SEO can establish your Brand Identity:

When you are on top, people treat you like a trusted and reliable business and generally, they talk about you positively. Good ranking of a website is a clear signal that this service provider is offering high-class services and products. Thus, with SEO, you enjoy a well-established brand identity.

SEO enhances other Marketing Strategies:

SEO is the central process of all the online marketing efforts and it affects the success of all the related areas of email marketing, Social media marketing, Social media optimization etc.

SEO attracts the Target Audience:

SEO targets specific markets with the help of special keywords that are used for special queries. Thus, with the help of SEO, you are able to target the people you want to attract.

If you want to get all these benefits, you need an Best SEO Service Company and if you have decided to hire a company, the Infograins Software Solutions company can be a great choice for you. You can call the experts of the company if you want to know more about the best SEO practices.

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11 May

Reasons – Why AngularJS Is Best For Your Next Project

angularjs development company

Most of the leading web development companies have adopted AngularJS Development and they are building quite impressive website applications.

There are millions of existing website in the world and the number is still increasing. This situation is preferable for those who are willing to make powerful and communicative websites to attract the target audience. As a result, there is an increasing demand for website developers.

Therefore, website developers are always busy due to the projects they deal with. However, they have their own challenges and choosing a suitable development platform is one of the various challenges.

Here we are talking about Angular JS that was introduced by Google in 2009. It is open source framework based on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Nowadays, this solid web development framework is preferred by well-known website developers because of numerous frameworks and plugins. According to the web designers and developers, it is possible to make robust and feature-rich application with the help of AngularJS.

Therefore, if you are going to develop a web application, AngularJS can be the perfect choice for you. If you want to know more to make a final decision, we have solid reasons for you to choose AngularJS.

Let’s have a look!

AngularJS is developed by Google:

AngularJS is developed and maintained by Google and therefore, the developers have a great chance to take help from certified and experienced experts. Moreover, this framework offers great communities help as well.

SPA features:

AngularJS comes with a number of SPA (Single Page Application). These features let the users create and control online forms quite easily.


Modularity is the prime feature of Angular JS and this integral part of this framework have made it popular worldwide. With the help of this feature, the developers can develop multiple modules for a single application and these combined modules depend on each other to run the complete application.

Unit Testing Facility:

To save time and to avoid bugs in the code, AngularJS is equipped with the Unit testing setup. This feature demonstrates the outcomes of the code written by the developers.

User Interface:

AngularJS depends on HTML that is a language free of complex elements. Mostly, the developers use HTML to build lightweight, user-friendly, and functional web applications. Therefore, AngularJS work excellently to build attractive user interfaces.

Require Less Coding:

The Google experts have developed AngularJS framework to make highly effective and responsive web applications while the developers do not have to deal with complex processes of coding.

Two-Way Data Binding:

This functionality has made AngularJS extremely popular among the developers. This features means that any change made in user interface affects the objects of the application and any change of the objects is noticeable in the user interface as well. In simpler words, both the changes in the module and the user actions may occur at the same time.


Without any doubt, it is obvious that AngularJS is extremely popular and this is the first choice of the web developers nowadays. Now, you are aware of the reasons that make this framework ahead of other web development frameworks. Thus, it should not be a tough decision to choose an AngularJS Development Company for your upcoming project. You can hire the AngularJS developers of the Infograins Software Solution that is a well-known web application development company and have been building powerful web applications for many years. Our developers are conversant with each and every aspect of AngularJS and they can utilize the features of this framework more efficiently. Thus, make a wise decision to hire our developers to build your next project.

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02 May

Things To Know All About Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Things To Know All About Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Generally, digital currencies have no shape and they are stored anywhere and all the transaction are done in a decentralized blockchain environment. Unlike traditional currencies, while you trade different cryptocurrencies, you need a Cryptocurrency wallet and for this, you need a trusted service that provides Cryptocurrency Wallet Development. Cryptocurrency wallets allow you to invest in ICOs as well.

What are Cryptocurrency Wallets?

Cryptocurrency wallets are just like the normal wallets you have in your pockets but they are much smarter than the normal wallets. Digital wallets have no physical shape and can be accessed from anywhere. This is a coded program to store public and private keys. A cryptocurrency wallet lets you keep many digital currencies without the fear of space. Moreover, all the digital currencies are managed well in a cryptocurrency wallet with clear details of all the transactions.

How does a Cryptocurrency wallet work?

Cryptocurrency wallets are like deposit boxes that are used to keep precious things with physical locks and keys to protect the costly items. In Cryptocurrency wallets, you do not use any physical key but they keys used here are called private keys or master keys. These digital keys are used in the form of hexadecimal codes. With the digital master keys, you can keep your ICO tokens or cryptocurrencies safe and you certainly responsible for keeping your key safe and you must not share the key with anyone to ensure that your key is not misused.

What are the main uses of a Cryptocurrency wallet?

With your smart Cryptocurrency wallet, you can trade cryptocurrencies and monitor the cryptocurrency balance. Also, you can monitor the history of all the transactions. You may check the exchange rates of conversion rates with the help of your Cryptocurrency wallet and moreover, you may access the QR-codes and address books

Types of Cryptocurrency Wallets

Before you make a decision to have a cryptocurrency wallet, you have to choose a wallet as per the type of cryptocurrency you want to store. Some of the main types of Cryptocurrency wallets are:

Exchange wallet:

This wallet is a part of an exchange and this is linked to your bank account. This wallet can be used to buy or store digital currency.

Software Wallets:

These wallets run on desktops or mobiles.

Mobile wallets:

These wallets like Smartphone applications.

Paper wallets:

Paper wallets are documents that contain public and private keys.

Online wallets:

These wallets run in the cloud network and can be accessed from anywhere.

Hardware wallets:

Hardware wallets use a hardware device to store private keys.

As you see, in all the transactions of digital currencies, you need a cryptocurrency wallet and if you have one, you cannot ignore the safety concerns of your wallet. If you want to develop a cryptocurrency wallet, you can make a call to Infograins Software Solutions that is a leading Blockchain Development Company . Our Cryptocurrency wallet development service based on safety, security, and quality and our developers have mastery in making all types of wallets as per your requirements. Thus, just remember us if you are engaged in Cryptocurrency trading and worried about the safety of your digital assets.

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23 Apr

How AR & VR Is Changing The Way Consumers See The World

VR and AR Development

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are two advanced technologies that have changed the life of thousands of the people of different industries and the scope of the VR and AR Development is increasing day by day. In fact, today’s marketers are enthusiastic to deal with the technologies that may enhance the experience of the users to attract the target audience. With this purpose, they are using VR and AR as new tools and the feedbacks are quite positive.

What do we understand by Virtual Reality (VR):

Virtual reality is a computer-generated recreation of a real-life environment and it is generally done by improving vision and hearing. In simpler words, the computer helps us experience the things that are not real. Virtual Reality is achieved by wearing some headset like equipment.

Virtual reality is used in the field of gaming and entertainment where the users may have more improved experience while they play video or computer games or watch a 3D movie. It is also used for some real situation where stimulation of the reality is needed for the purpose of practice.

What do we understand by Augmented Reality or AR?

The Augmented Reality is achieved when the viewer is experiencing the real environment that is augmented with superimposed computer generated images to enhance the perception of the viewer. In other words, the users are able to experience a more enhanced real environment with the help of computer-generated sounds and graphics.

How are AR and VR enhancing the experiencing of the customers?

Modern customers want an enhanced experience while they enjoy or use different services provided by government or private sector. Therefore, experts are trying to introduce different technologies to attract the customers. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are the two technologies that are used in different industries to serve the customers.

Some of the examples are given below:


A famous use of VR in the healthcare sector is Snow world that is achieved to help the burn patients deal with pain and discomfort by creating a virtual snowy environment. If we talk about AR, doctor and nurses use a handheld scanner to find a vein for an injection for reducing the discomfort for the patients.


Google has announced a virtual reality platform for classrooms where the students use cardboard to take guided tours of famous cities. Moreover, virtual reality learning centers are made for the higher education. A tool Oculus DK2 let the students reach inside the human body to have a real experience.


Marketing is an important area for every business. VR and AR are used in this area to enhance the user experience. Motion pictures like The Avengers or Jurassic World are some examples of the use of VR that create excitement and stay in the memory for a long period.

Travel and Tourism:

Virtual Reality can be achieved in a virtual tour to attract target audience or potential travelers. VR, in this case, can affect the decision if the users are confused about the visit to the place.

Real Estate:

If one wants to buy a home for him, he can go to the real estate websites and find himself inside the house virtually. The real estate agents are able to show the houses in 3D to convince or impress the customers to finalize the deal.

It is clear that Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality both are used to provide an enhanced experience and in future, they may be more dependent on these technologies. This situation brings both challenges and opportunities for the marketers.

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17 Apr

RPA- A Revolution In Business Process Automation

This is the age of new technological advancements to make the business process more efficient and faster and the concept of the automated task seems to attract the experts more than anything. Robotic Process Automation it catching the attention of CIOs as an emerging technology that helps the corporate workers automate tiring tasks. With the help of this technology, the employees can concentrate on more valuable works to make the decision-making process fast. Inforgrains, a leading Robotic Automation Company is in favor of the use of RPA to make the tasks simpler and to reduce the price.

Most of the experts say that RPA can automate a certain business process and the users of the business may have extra time to spend on more valuable activities. Others are interested in thinking about RPA at a broader level where they can use the potential of RPA with Machine learning and Artificial intelligence.

What is robotic process automation?

RPA is an advanced technology in which RPA tools are used to automate a business process. By using this technology, a software of a Robot can manipulate or process the data or information and also it can communicate with other digital channels. RPA is a time-saving process where the task that may take months can be completed in days or weeks.

RPA software or Robot can perform a number of tasks automatically, such as handling queries, transactions, handling, processing, manipulating data, record maintenance etc. All the applications like HTML, .NET, and JAVA are supported by RPA and in addition, the systems like Terminals, Mainframe, SAP, and Oracle are compatible to RPA.

RPA advantages:

According to the RPA experts, this technology is enough to change your work style forever and help you provide real satisfaction to your customers. In fact, The use of RPA enhances quality and minimizes the chance of errors or mistakes. Moreover, the business processes can be operated according to the regulations or standards set but the business. In addition, RPA reduces the workload and saves time since all the processes are performed quickly. Furthermore, when all the tasks are automated, there is no chance of repetitive task and as a result, the overall cost is reduced. In brief, the workforce is engaged in more important tasks and it enhances the productivity of the business.

Nowadays, Infograins is working as a premier RPA Development Company solution provider and it has worked with numerous clients. Infograins has a considerable experience in working with a number of industries such as healthcare, banking, government, insurance, entertainment etc.

There are various individuals and organizations that are trying to gain more information about RPA. Surely, it is not possible for normal people to choose an ideal Company and in this case, Infograins can provide suitable answers to all of the queries. Infograins is an ultimate source to learn more about RPA and also, the experts of the company can provide needed assistance or help in every matter related to RPA tools.

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