5 IoT Trends That May Become Mainstream In Future
11 Apr

5 IoT Trends That May Become Mainstream In Future


2017 has gone and we have to think about the impacts of various technologies that affect our lives in various areas. Certainly, 2017 was the year of technological advancements and this trend should be going on the next year. If we talk about IoT, it has witnessed a sudden upsurge in 2017 and the experts are predicting the same for the future as well. by 2020, nearly 20 billion devices are going to be connected with Internet Of Things and the IoT businessmen are expected to do a business of 300 billion dollars.

Thus, we have to consider the upcoming IoT trends in the next year. Here is a list of 5 IoT trends.

1. Security:

With the increased use of the internet, we observe more devices depends on the IoT and at the same time, there is a huge need of IoT security because more information is shared by the internet connectivity. Every industry seeks for the security systems to keep their data systems safe and secure.

In the upcoming years, IoT devices may be equipped with certain and required security features, such as layered machine-to-machine authentication or biometric logins. The experts hope for the vital use of artificial intelligence and big data with the aim of a more powerful IoT security. 

2. AI and Big Data:

While plenty of devices are connected to IoT, the increase in the amount of data seems not surprising. However, this data needs to be processed and analyzed with the help of well-defined Big Data techniques. Actually, IoT applications cannot emerge without the assistance of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data techniques and modern experts know it well. Maybe in near future, we have to study about the possible relationship between the AI, Big Data, and IoT.

3. Home appliances:

Today’s homes are more comfortable just because of smart devices the people like to have in their homes. The smart home appliances have witnessed a huge popularity in 2017 and IoT powered smart devices are going to create the same magic in 2018. There are two main factors that keep these devices in demand and that are comfort and safety. However, it is also a good idea to use smart home appliances to reduce the bill and to conserve energy.

4. Healthcare sector:

Healthcare is a truly important sector that should adopt the applications of IoT and in fact, this sector has started to use the features of IoT. Health professionals and health seekers are experiencing a huge need for medical smart devices, such as monitors, wearable devices, sensors, and other medical equipment.

5. Mobile Platforms:

Mobile platforms were expected to be in the top previous year and the experts are predicting the same in 2018. The trend of using Mobile platforms will be increased for IoT devices and not only 2018 but several upcoming years are going to be dependent on the Mobiles.

The experts of Infograins Software Solution are sure that upcoming years are going to witness more advancement in the field and they are ready to meet the increasing requirements of the customers. Moreover, they are constantly proving that they are the best choice for the development related to the IOT Development field. With such companies, we hope to see a sustained growth in the field of IoT.

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11 Apr

What AI Can Do For Your Business in Future ?

These Is What AI Can Do For Your Business in Future

Artificial Intelligence will take care of business in future in a manner that you could have probable by no means imagined. increasingly App development companies have shown their eager interest to expand Apps primarily based on AI and in the latest cell global Congress and CES; producers showcased gadgets with lot of capacity closer to this trailblazing technology.

As Artificial Intelligence is specifically associated with mobile , it opens up a considerable measure of promising open doors for App designers to accompany Apps that will influence everyday to assignments simple for individuals alongside helping organizations to scale new statures. As AI is likewise open gates to protection and E-commerce, making use of it at the App improvement manner is certain to convert the client revel in to another level.

How Will Mobile Artificial Intelligence Impact Businesses?

This innovation is still crisp and has lot of capacity to be explored. With companies like eBay, Amazon, Google, and Apple taking a shot at their gadgets to give them a touch of progressions; AI App improvement could start a totally new enterprise fashion. These AI calculations can be joined to draw clients into the particular brand biological communities. This isn’t just going to enable the organizations to separate themselves from the plenty of choices, yet it will likewise enable them to connect with clients all the more profoundly, giving them administrations and approach that they have never observed.

The Main Business Advantages –

Organizations can create, extend and secure their victories using AI and through better comprehension of Data information. By setting up a sound establishment of information inside the organization, the advantages of AI and Data information are huge and frequently prompt upper hands for the firm.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Being Used

Every bussiness or industry has a high requirement for Artifical Intelligence capabilities – especially answering solutions that can be used for legal assistance, patent searches, risk notification and medical research. Other uses of AI comprise:

Health Care




Importance Of Artificial Intelligence

Much of the conversation in the public and also in policy circles is about the impact of Artificial Intelligence on web or mobile applications. What does the future of work look like?

Think of unemployment counselor. When you went for job you will meet there with job counselor, you will get his or her well honed professional advice in finding new job.
When you walk in the counselor will likely do at least three things with you:
– check your eligibility for benefits
– assessing your profile and job history
– identifying the best workshops or trainings that will help you find a job fast

So it comes out that AI technology is best in doing all these things.

Infograins Role in AI
Infograins use our self-developed algorithms, logics and functions. The functions work on many types of data, including numerical, categorical, time series, textual, and image. We use AI for security like pattern lock and face recognition. We work on AI to provide better services than usually.

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10 Apr

What Are Smart Contracts? How It Related To Blockchain

What are Smart Contracts infograins

As a Infograins is premier Blockchain Application Development company, Infograins Software Solution always try to provide you authentic information about various technologies and today, we are about to tell you something about smart contracts.

We are familiar with the traditional approach in the business when always a third party is involved between the two parties while a transaction is made. Bank institution or any government establishment may work as the third party. However, the involvement of a third party can be risky at times. After the development of the blockchain technology, businessmen are allowed to use a decentralized approach to open the door of new possibilities as the alternative to the traditional approach. A smart contract is one of such alternative models.

What is the concept of Smart Contract?

As the word ‘contract’ shows, it is not much different from the normal contract but it is a digital contract and a tiny computer program stored inside a blockchain represents it. All the terms and conditions are stored in this software and it verifies all the conditions before the execution of the terms.

We have told about the importance of the third party in the establishment of the business contract. But if we talk about a smart contract, there is no need for a third party and both of the parties may interact with each other directly.

A decentralized approach does not need the involvement of any third party and it means you have to trust the Smart Contract. Then you might have a question about the reliability of the Smart Contract.

How does a Smart Contract Work?

A Smart Contract is a coded program that generally contains specific terms that are executed only when certain conditions are satisfied.

Suppose two parties want to make a contract, they would need a platform that may serve as a third party and this platform is solely responsible for the fulfillment of agreed conditions.

There is another way to make a contract in which both of the parties make an agreement using a Smart Contract. In this case, the Smart Contract will be coded on the basis of a certain algorithm to ensure that all the agreed terms are fulfilled and both of the parties cannot cheat each other in any condition.

Advantages of Smart Contracts

As mentioned above, Smart Contract work in the scope of Blockchain technology and they are based on the same traits such as fraud resistance, safety, and security, decentralization etc. Due to the support of Blockchain technology, Smart Contracts are used as a reliable alternative for business contracts and transactions.

Some of the advantages provided by Smart Contracts are explained below:

No involvement of a third party:

As a prime advantage, Smart Contracts make the deal possible between two parties without the need of any third party or intermediate platform.


Elimination of intermediates means reduced fees and as a result, Smart Contracts are considered as an affordable concept.

Failure resistance:

There is no chance of failure since the contract does not depend on a single person and the network will continue to exist without any problem even when an individual leaves the blockchain network.

Reduced cases of fraud:

Smart Contracts are supported by Blockchain technology and thus, any malicious activity is not allowed in the extremely safe network.

If you are interested in Blockchain Application Development due to any type of requirement, we at Infograins Software Solution, may help you understand this advanced technology clearly and we are sure that we are capable of providing you reliable and safe Blockchain Solutions.

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09 Apr

How to Create Your Own Cryptocurrency ?

How to Create Your Own Cryptocurrency ?

The behavior of financial world is changing constantly and the people functioning in the field must meet the emerging requirements of the market. In fact, we are talking about the new age of paperless currency which is more suitably called cryptocurrency. Nowadays, Blockchain Application Development is quite popular among the traders or business owners since they are interested in the increasing use of cryptocurrency or digital currency.

However the importance of digital currency is increasing quickly, we cannot say it is known to the common people. On the other hand, several individuals and industries are willing to shift towards a completely paperless economy.

What is the simpler meaning of cryptocurrency?

The name of cryptocurrency makes all the things clear by itself. We used normal currencies to sell or buy anything we need and in the case of digital currency, we use it to receive digital data. Nowadays, it is used widely due to its highly effective features.

What are these features?

In fact, the popularity of cryptocurrency itself says many things about its powerful features. There is not a single chance of a fraud while you use cryptocurrency just because of the use of advanced Blockchain technology. Actually, all the coin owners have their own encrypted identities that make the chanced of any extremely rare. In addition, You just need a secured internet connection and you are done. You need nothing else to access the use of cryptocurrencies. Moreover, The Blockchain technology at Infograins Software Solution lets you access the cryptocurrencies without the involvement of any third-party. It means the user is safe with total ownership rights.

Creating your own Cryptocurrency

There are several methodologies are used to create an altcoin and nowadays, the users have a number of choices to handle this easy task to make their own blockchain.

In the case of you are among the people who do not much about the technology, you may get someone to help you deal with the technical parts.

If you wish to go ahead without any assistance you can make it by choosing suitable options as per your requirements.

Create a new blockchain If you do it well

If you find yourself able to deal with the technical part you can make your own code to have full access and control. In this case, you are allowed to add your own features with the ease of setting all the parameters.

You have another option

However, it seems exciting to do the work by yourself but sometimes, it can be tiresome and in this situation, you have another option. If you wish to use this option you can create a bitcoin fork to use the already present open-source code. There are various options and you can choose the nearest choice as per your requirements.

By choosing the second option, you keep yourself away from frauds and you can access the built-in features as well. As it seems clear, you save your time and use it in another useful activity.

In the case of your desire for more precise advice on the use of Blockchain, you may get the help of a leading BlockChain Development Company.

It seems a nice idea!

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04 Apr

Top 5 Sector where Big Data Used in Practice

Big Data Analytics

Can you imagine running your business without a deep analysis of your real-time data? Every wise businessman will give a negative answer if he is asked this question. In other words, without perfect data analysis, you cannot give your business a particular direction because you do not know the exact position of your business. For example, if you want to know the reason for the sudden decline in sales of a particular product in an area, it is tough to determine the reasons without a real-time data. And if the data is available, the main cause can be caught immediately. So, this is the main reason for the emergence of the term Big Data Analytics and nowadays, it is used in several major areas.

Let us see where Big Data is in practice!

Healthcare and Public Health

The concept of Big Data is used in the health care and public industry where big Data analytics help the researchers find new ways to cure the diseases and predict the new patterns of the diseases. The use of Big Data with the help of your phone or Smart watches may reach new levels of research or studies where collecting the data from numerous individuals is quite possible. With the help of Big Data analytics, it is possible to predict the outbreaks of disease on a large scale. And if the data from social media is included, real-time monitoring of the disease outbreaks is also possible.

Improving Sports Performance

Big Data is widely used in every sport to track the performance of the players. For example, Video analytics is used in football or baseball while Slam Tracker tool is used in Tennis. Similarly, Sensor technology is used in sports equipment to get real-time feedback with the help of Smart phones or cloud servers. Moreover, Smart devices not only track your performance but they also help you build an improved strategy for your next game.

Customer care and support:

To attract more customers or to convert the visitors into the loyal customers, it is essential to have a deep understanding of the behavior of customers. With the aim of attracting more customers, they have started to do some experiments on the data they have received with the help of social media along with using traditional ways. Using big data, it is possible for the companies to make the correct prediction about the habits or behavior of the customers and they may use such predictions to enhance the quality of customer relationship management and customer support.

Business Process Optimization

Big Data is also an integral part of all the efforts to improve or optimize business processes. Companies rely on the social media based predictions to optimize the stock and moreover, the optimization of the supply chain process or delivery chain process is also based on big data. In Addition, experts use big data analytics to optimize the HR business processes as well.

These are some important areas where Big Data Analytics Services at Infograins are used and certainly, there are several other areas where Big Data is using or going to make a big difference.

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29 Mar

5 Trends in Blockchain Application Development You Need To Know

Blockchain Application Development

A lot of small or large businesses have realized that the Blockchain is the technology of next age. In next decades, the Blockchain Application Development is going to emerge as a revolutionary technological advancement. As a result, you can easily observe that the opportunists are looking for various Bitcoin application solutions and applications. Not only the private companies but government bodies are also looking for potential benefits of the Blockchain technology. Moreover, experts are engaged in finding new ways to utilize Blockchain in different industry verticals. Briefly,  Infograins conclude that the Blockchain technology is going to widen its scope steadily. However, there are some questions that can be raised but experts say that all the questions will have their answers soon.

We cannot predict the future but due to existing conditions, we can hope for some Blockchain Technology trends in the next years. Let us look at five trends that are expected to lead a number of industry sectors in the next years.

1. Artificial Intelligence:
Artificial Intelligence is the modern concept in which the machines are designed to think just like humans and the results are quite interesting. The concept of thinking machines is based on an algorithm to perform the activities like humans and even they want machines may develop their intelligence without any further development.
As it is obvious, if they want to make the thinking machines, the machines need the access to big data and the involvement of Blockchain has made the exchange of big data quite economical.

2. Smart Contracts:
A smart contract is a coded program that is stored and runs on a Blockchain. Smart contracts are just like normal contracts that are executed without the need of any third party. According to the Smart contract developers, they provide unmatched security to all of the parties that belong to the Blockchain network. Nowadays, smart contracts are used to perform a number of functions that are based on the fulfillment of some pre-defined conditions to have full control on the digital assets. There are some risk factors in the field but The Blockchain and Smart Contract developers are needed in every sector and it shows that the scope of Smart Contracts is increasing quickly.

3. Cybersecurity:
At present, Cyber attacks are usual and there is a huge need of a secure system to minimize the cases of cybercrime. Therefore, Cryptocurrencies along with the Blockchain technology is going to replace all the traditional ways of cybersecurity. Blockchain technology is considered as an epitome of security and going to be an integral part of cybersecurity systems in future.

4. Etherium:
Etherium is quite similar to the Bitcoin and it seems like a smart contract platform while it is used as a robust blockchain platform. It was introduced with the Smart contract in mind and was designed with a powerful programming language called solidity. The Smart contract developers are looking for more opportunities by writing powerful Solidity code for building error-free Smart contracts.

5. Private Blockchain Networks:
Not only public network but private networks also need the same level security with the help of Blockchain Technology. Therefore, the developer should consider the private institutions as well while they think of utilizing the public blockchain market.
The Blockchain technology is making its way towards being a most sought after advancement and as a leading Blockchain Development Company, Infograins is looking for more opportunities in different sectors where the technology can change the traditional ways of transactions of digital assets.

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01 Mar

Know Everything About – How To Launch A Successful ICO?

ICO launch

What is an ICO?

Initial coin offering or ICO is a medium of trade or exchanging of digital forms of money of fluid incentive for future cryptocoins. It is utilized to fund-raise to shape another cryptographic money venture. ICO’s are finished by the assignment’s designers and developer and to commonly pick up from it by conveying and controlling introductory coin delivery.

When searching for active and upcoming initial coin offerings better known as ICOs, you can sees a mind blowing Blockchain Development Company to raise money through ICOs.

How ICO’s work?

ICO normally happens within the initial ranges of the mission. At first, ICO’s have been brought with the concept to pre-sell cash/tokens to traders and fund new tasks. A whitepaper is offered through the businessmen depicting the specialized details and plan of action of the task. A timeline is about and a coin distribution and goal price range are decided. on the crowdfunding stage, new tokens are bought with set up digital forms of money like Ethereum and Blockchain.

Essentials to Launch ICO

Appropriate back end foundation

Whitepaper and Roadmap

Checking directions and guaranteeing there aren’t any security infringement.

Overseeing and keeping up Escrow account

Advertising and PR

We have summarized the major steps that will give you an insight on “How to launch a successful ICO”?

Step 1 – Formation of new cryptographic money on a convention, for example, Openledger, Ethereum or Counterparty.

Step 2 – A self-assertive esteem is allocated by the group in view of system’s worth right now.

Step 3 – Assurance of value elements in light of market demand and supply.

Token separating is done on premise of individual speculation of a man i.e extra tokens are assigned to individual who has contributed more. More cognizance about the new digital money is produced to support cooperation and achieve a moment that the genuine cost outperforms ICO cost.

Pricing mechanisms of ICO

Undetermined rate ICO : In such ICO’s, at first the developer might not promote his tokens thereby allowing buyers to take new tokens proportionally primarily based on their funding. Such ICO’s empower 100% responsibility for tokens by a solitary financial specialist as well.

Settled Price ICO : The engineer settled a cost or conversion scale of the new token. Such a course of action permits numerous token buy at a settled cost. Settled value ICO’s are typically joined by a freezing period which is a secure period where they can’t exchange their tokens. Publish the freezing duration, traders can list and exchange their tokens.

Dutch Auction ICO : In such ICO’s the token deal begins with the most best cost and token value diminishes relatively till the finish of token deal.

ICO With Cost Rise : a set change rate is set by using the team and early traders get excellent fee in line with coin ratio as the rate will increase regularly with time.

How are ICO’s like IPOs and crowdfunding?

similar to an IPO in an ICO the tokens are supplied to elevate price range in a pre determined time body. The tokens whilst bought may be traded on publically available exchanges.

ICO’s also are like crowdfunding and in reality in preliminary levels had been called “crowd income”. They may be used to fund projects, buyers may additionally purchase rights to trade tokens.

Concerns associated with ICO’s

Almost certainly ICO’s take care of the issue of starting coin circulation however in lieu of a few debates and fizzled ICO’s financial specialists are somewhat reluctant to put resources into ICO’s.

10 tips for investors to pick the right ICO

1. Coinbase – Codebase facilitates in making the procedure more straightforward and empowers financial specialists to take a gander at achievements, issues and current condition of the task.

2. Whitepaper – The whitepaper ought to give all the essential data in a compact shape with the goal that potential speculators can settle on an educated decision.

3. Technical Expertise of the development team – This decides the possibility and realization of the task. Group should to be actually stable and should have the expected abilities to build up the task. The group ought to be really required at each phase to guarantee that points of reference chose are accomplished inside the concurred time period.

4. Projected value of the token – Financial specialists should check if the token they are going to procure would give an arrival on their venture in the end and would really be valuable. They ought to insightfully check the dissemination procedure to survey motivating forces in the more extended run.

5. Beta Preview – A beta preview is a evidence of an early form of the product and is an awesome affirmation.

6. Projected Launch Date – A reasonable guide and a dispatch date are crucial components. They build up responsibility and check duty.

7. Freezing or lock-in period – Is there any solidifying or secure period? Will you gain admittance to the new tokens or coins inside 3-4 months of the ICO? These answers should be well contemplated to decide the possession and exchanging openings and going for broke.

8. Cap on coins/tokens? – Appropriate data on number of coins to be made ought to be given. A few groups select making more coins if require be. Its prudent to have a top so supply is settled and request can be managed.

9. Fair Fund Allocation – Forthcoming financial specialists should check and assess the assignment of tokens.

10. Don’t avoid red flags – On the off chance that there are numerous warnings and uncertain concerns then most likely the financial specialist ought to reevaluate hazards and choose as needs be.

About Us

Infograins as a blockchain studio is devoted to sustain the modern momentum of blockchain as a generation and have hired skilled professionals to facilitate development of blockchain answers and programs. We make sure that our clients wishes are aligned with our technical expertise to satisfy the undertaking’s objectives inside a reasonable timeframe.

We trust that cryptocurrencies are of extraordinary fee and can coexist with fiat currencies. you can touch us and get more insights on “the way to release a success ICO”? Our group of specialists have built up a blockchain based decentralized stage which plans to streamline the cryptomarket and keep the avarice to underwrite.

We offer end-to-end uniquely customized Blockchain Application Development Services for shifted business needs. We have a long time of hands-on involvement in building secure digital money applications in light of Blockchain record.

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13 Jul

How Much Does Is Cost To Develop A Mobile App Like Amazon Fresh For Groceries Delivery ?

Mobiel App Development Company

Are you bored of sparing time from your busy schedule to turn out to buy groceries? Do you find it tedious to go miles away just to buy some Fruits, instants and a couple of few things just for the sake of two people? If the answer to all these questions is a big YES then, my dear friend you are at right place. Amazon Fresh is an most demanded grocery delivery platform that expedites doorstep delivery service of groceries and other home necessity products in some of the major cities of USA. Amazon Fresh is like a boon for such people who feels lazy when it comes to manage home related stuffs.

As per the recent survey it has been examined that 30% of online browsers order grocery products online and the number is expected to scale up to 70% in the future”.

Nowadays there has been a hurricane surge in grocery mobile app development. There is a strong reason behind it because modern day groceries have seen the implication rise in the sales and converting customers to grocery app will give them personalized and engaging shopping experience.

Glance on Foundation of Amazon Fresh:

Amazon Fresh is a grocery delivery service that costs $14.99 a month, only available to Prime members (which costs another $99/year). Although it launched virtually a decade ago, Amazon Fresh only started to gain traction in 2013, and is now available in 18 markets worldwide.

Key Features Included in Making of Amazon Fresh:

  • Making tie-ups with the main Dominant Supermarkets.
  • Willing Workers along with their mops.
  • Giant amount of stockpile.
  • No need of delivery vehicles and warehouses as shoppers itself will be culpable to buy the things accepted by the customer at his/her suitable time.

Why does Amazon Fresh make sense and how can it add on to Amazon’s core competency

With a simple market sizing exercise, it is clear that online grocery shopping is unlikely to bring in vast bucks for Amazon.

The total grocery shopping is a humongous $600 billion. Let’s correlate grocery to one of its sub segment – beauty and personal products. Both segments share a lot similarities in that they are done largely by females, and there is vast variance in customer preference. Beauty and personal category is among the early movers to the ecommerce business. In 2014 the beauty and personal category in US is valued at $188 billion, whereas only $3.8 billion, or 5.5%, is done online. This percentage should be much lower for grocery category particularly fresh products because of the storage and delivery concerns from the customers side. So it should be reasonable to valuation that 1% of the total $600 billion, $6 billion, will be done online, in the next five years. Since this category is restricted to regions and largely fragmented, assuming that Amazon is able to broaden nationally and capture 10% of the total market, that’s 600 million in revenue, 1% of $61 billion annual revenue Amazon currently has. To obtain such revenue Amazon has to invest heavily in infrastructure and make its own fulfilment quantity and delivering fleet, which will make the margin possibly on par or even lower than its current market place business even though Amazon is charging a premium for fresh products.

How much does it cost to develop Grocery App for your Business?

Some stores sell their products on Amazon Fresh offering the same prices as listed in their store but few stores listed on Amazon Fresh have a mark-up hike of 15%+more from their store prices. The revenue created from these prices goes directly to Amazon Fresh that helps them pay to the shoppers.

There are many aspects to be examined if you want to stake into this business. If we come to the costing part the cost of an App like Amazon Fresh can be around $5,000 to $12,500 depending on platform. Still a accurate estimation will give you specific idea about the cost of it as it totally depends on the designs and features that you want to be incorporated in the application. Infograins Software Solutions one of the Top Mobile App development Company can design you such applications that fits your budget. Inquire more with Infograins to build any mobile application.!

How much time does it take to build similar Grocery app

It takes only Eight weeks of time period

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13 Jun

Event Management Mobile App : Making Meeting & Conference Easier & Comfortable.!!


Mobile app development is swift growing an efficient tool for today’s savvy globetrotter. Building athletic professional connections, networking with like-minded peers and establishing relationships with experts in their field is one of the biggest values meetings and conferences provide to attendees.

Events industry has seen a vast and continuous growth over the years. Companies spend millions on events as they equip them a huge marketing platform, possibility to interact directly with customers, allow them to showcase their products, network with clients and a chance to get sponsors and investors.

Now assume of the last conference you’ve attended. Walking into a room full of strangers, you have more seconds to scan the name tags of people around, trying to remind what you know of their companies. Within seconds and with limited information you have to make a snap decision to introduce yourself, hoping that this is a beneficial networking opportunity.

The reality is, out of hundreds or thousands of people at the event, you will only talk with a small number of attendees. One of the key factors of a profitable event experience – networking – is often left to a chance of random encounters.

When companies introduce mobile event apps to their events, attendees’ ability to productively network is taken to a fully new level. Meeting the right people is no longer a spontaneous spur-of-the moment decision. Every minute at the conference can be maximized to make the most of meetings and connections.

With an event app you are able to:

  • See who is attending days before the conference has started, determine who you should meet at the event, and provide in advance to make the most of the networking opportunities.
  • Pre-arrange meetings at the conference or during networking sessions, reaching people you want to meet through the in-app messaging function.
  • Organize a post-event gathering with like-minded peers by posting an “after conference” invite in the app activity feed or forum.
  • Get a quick snapshot of “trending” issues using the in-app social media feeds and reach out to other attendees who are contributing the most – all inside the app!

Event apps can even be configured with a like-minded functionality that matches attendees based on anything from interests to what you’re hoping to learn at the conference. This is a great way to tailor your networking efforts so that, for example, you can meet attendees who are in an industry that’s important to your business.

At the end of the day, you are able to shape and schedule the networking with those few people at the conference that are most suitable to your goals and your unique reasons for attending that conference.

There is a great probability that even your competitors will go mobile and probably are already mobile. Now is about the right time that marketers consider a mobile app development company as a medium of developing a complete omni channel experience for users.

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05 Jun

Infograins Develop the Mobile App for your All Kind of Parcel and Courier Delivery

Parcel-and-Courier-Delivery-Mobile -Application

On demand Parcel and Courier delivery applications (Iphone and Android App Development) are created big market in established countries, where it started to foot in growing province now a days. Customers can share the parcel pickup, drop off & photo of parcel in application, it will be assigned to drivers around that location by manually or automatically. Once driver picked up the parcel, it can be tracked by customers in their application. After the parcel or courier delivery, customer will receive the notification upon successful delivery.

The courier industry has changed promptly over the past few years and also courier firms started using technology to deliver couriers in an productive manner. The mobile application enables courier companies to operate different kind of operations such as dispatch, order, track and even more by tapping away.

Choosing a parcel and courier delivery app development company could potentially save your business hundreds of pounds. However, here at Infograins, we know that your business needs a honest and reputable service – not just as a cheap parcel courier. That’s why our expert courier and parcel delivery services make sure that when you make a promise to your customers, it stays kept.

With our parcel and courier delivery services, you can rest sure, knowing our courier systems perform within the largest network, ensuring that your parcel will arrive in our safe hands.

Silent features of Parcel and Courier Delivery Services

User-Friendly interface

The business operations are made easier in the on-demand delivery software with user-friendly interface intensifying all the features of the delivery business. The courier dispatch operations can be simply performed through few taps on the courier app.

Doorway pickup and delivery

The feature allows the user to place the request for doorway pickup/delivery based on their needs. Also, a unique identification code is equiped while placing the request in order to track the item delivery process. The scheduled pickup and delivery is also done based on the request placed by the customer.

Easy payment method

The courier software provides suitable payment options which enable customers to do credit card or cash payment once the parcel is delivered successfully. Also, the e-receipt is sent to the customer’s email once the delivery process is completed.

On-time delivery and customer feedback

The application plays a major role in delivering the parcel on time by providing upgraded features. The customers can rate the service equiped by the courier company and share their feedback on the social networking sites which helps in upgrading the business.


Parcel and courier industry is growing faster than the general people imagined. The day isn’t deep that technology will outstrip the industry and innovation will surpass all borders to deliver the best to us. This is the time, the growing stage. Make sure that you start early to stay longer in this market.

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