Building a Modern Web Applications Using MEAN Stack
24 May

Building a Modern Web Applications Using MEAN Stack

web application using MEAN Stack

A number of surveys have specified a constant growth in the number of people obtaining websites on their smartphones and tablets. Hence, it becomes necessary for developers to take up responsive web design to make the websites view good and usable on both mobiles and computer devices. Google more suggests web application developers and owners to adopt responsive web design to growth the search engine visibility and ranking of websites. Hence, most developers nowadays mix open web technologies like CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript to make the websites more responsive and mobile-friendly.

As a client-side scripting language, JavaScript is currently being used by more than 95% of all websites. The web developers can take advantage of MEAN stack to write both front-end and back-end of the website in JavaScript. As a free and open source software stack, MEAN has four key components MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and NodeJS. As each component of MEAN stack is open source and free, it becomes developers to make modern and dynamic modern web applications without expanding project overheads. There are also a number of reasons why many developers nowadays opt for MEAN stack.

MEAN Stands For :

MongoDB : an open source, cross-platform and NoSQL database. It authorize web application developers to save data in binary JSON structure. Hence, the developers can comfortably replace the traditional table-based relational database structure with JSON-like records.

ExpressJS : one of the most trendy web application server frameworks for building web apps. It’s light-weight and helps you arrange your web app into an MVC architecture on the server side. It organizes application’s routing and equips a comprehensive set of middleware to enable you to simply regulation the stream of your app and contribute you the capability to quickly create simple to extensive APIs.

AngulaJS : AngularJS is an MVC based JavaScript framework for productive web apps. It is consistently a SPA framework, and adds value to HTML. Using two-way data binding, it updates the visions dynamically whenever basic model changes. It also equip basic templating directives, form validation, reusable components routing, dependency injection and deep-linking. AngularJS web further enables users to use directives to clarify development of large and complicated websites.

Node JS : Node JS enables web developers to write server-side code in JavaScript. However, NodeJS, unlike other JavaScript tools, is a cross-platform runtime engine. Also, it relies on Google’s V8 JavaScript engine to interpret the code written in JavaScript. Node JS development is an event driven and has a non-blocking i/o model.

The MEAN Stack Architecture

Mean Architecture

Mean Architecture


Advantages Of Developing Web Applications With MEAN stack

It is Open Source, so you can tweak it to your preferences if you’re an experienced user
Consistent models across stack (backend to frontend and back)
Single language is used in the whole application
Very low memory footprint/overhead
JSON is used for transferring data
Leverage Javascript’s popularity
Node.js’s huge module library
Support for the MVC pattern
Huge Community

Many business owners are using the mean stack to modernize their existing websites and apps. It is also perfect for other web content like blogs, media websites, data-intensive and real-time messaging applications. If you are frightened by the task of setting up MEAN, Infograins Software Solutions MEAN stack development services team can help break it down for you. Our expert consultants will help you develop the perfect technology plan for your business.

Once you have built up your mind, our expert of mean stack developers can help you get started. With precise training and extensive hands-on experience, our team will promptly transform your idea in to a world class application. Infograins Software Solutions has helped various enterprises develop great technology solutions. A powerful IT solution such as MEAN and a reliable technology partner in Infograins will give your business a significant competitive edge.

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15 May

How Artificial Intelligence Will Change Ecommerce

artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, although still approximately new has changed a lot of sectors in a short period of time. Where already AI has had a giant impact on industries such as Retail and finance, the benefits of AI are starting to expand into ecommerce. Definitely, as technology derives the efficiencies of Artificial intelligence will sustain to grow, but at the intention of this article is to inspect some of the current uses or AI within Ecommerce. The realism is that AI could and possibly will change the Ecommerce landscape permanently and companies that fail to embrace the changes could endure irreparable harm.

“Online retailers are jostling to partner with or follow new Artificial Intelligence technologies to help simplify customer interaction to try and match and even exceed the typical in-store experience”

Let’s look at some of the ways in which artificial intelligence will change ecommerce in the near future

Visual Search

Have you ever been in someone’s home, an office space or somewhere else on the globe and thought—“I wonder how much that is?” or “I wonder where I can find that?” Okay, I am not suggesting you start getting the retail value of your mother-in-laws sofa, but naturally, sometimes we see factors and that sparks an opinion for our own lives.

Visual Search allows customers to snap a photo of something in their real world and search for it, eventually allowing the real world to cross over into the visual.

There are several methods this is being enforced with search, but ecommerce is exactly the most relevant field that this development with profit.

Personalized Customer Experience

Artificial Intelligence can equip a more personalized digital experience on ecommerce websites as it can evaluate huge data sets more conveniently than a human. This means AI can continually recognise info in patterns and clusters – such as clients, past purchasing behaviour, comparison between customers, demographics, credit checks and other common threads.

AI technologies will help ecommerce companies to explain their business objections with a substantial intellect. Using Artificial Intelligence, marketing teams can recognise who is most feasible to buy their product and can focus on provides down to a single client. This process, marketing teams can have discussions with an eventual buyer, as they are well knowledgeable to really what the customer are in want of to make a fruitful transaction.

Balance Between Privacy and Trust

The amazing thing about Artificial Intelligence is that there is so much possible to customise to specific user experience.

From recommended products with Google Search Ads to integrated calendars and traffic alerts, people can actually feel as though they are getting an exclusive user experience and cooperation from their technology. That being said, it is going to persist important for e-commerce customers to create privacy and trust a preference for their visitors, as many are beginning to be careful of privacy breeches and aggression into personal data.

Chat Bots

We all know that chat platforms have become progressively important for business, and specially ecommerce websites development.

Chat bots can allow for simpler navigation on your website, answer users’ prompt questions and equip suggestions based on brief reviews or previous visits to your site.

The key here is that the chat will sense even more like a human experience for the customer and reform your customer service on all fronts since AI can be even more accessible for any urgent demands that come up on your site.

The Takeaway

These are just some of the methods that AI is going to prevail and enhance the e-commerce world.

While there are so many possibilities of how you can use Artificial Intelligence on your site, it is relevant to be inventive and always examine your brand and audience when launching into technological updates.

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06 May

On-Demand Food Delivery App : Now Boost Your Food Sales Easily!

Food mobile app development company

With the world going mobile, today there are proficient mobility solutions for all types of businesses. Applications have begun a subtle space in the daily lives of people. A plenty of on-demand food ordering and delivery android app development are progressively including comfort and ease of the life of all food lovers. With these applications, you can have all the luscious food delivered at your doorstep without compromising on your valued time.

What makes people use food delivery apps? First of all, it is suitable. In all kinds of events, from children’s birthdays and student parties to company celebrations and marriages, people order takeout food. Sometimes, after a diligent day or when it’s raining animals, people choose to save time necessary for cooking and shopping and just order their favorite food from a place they like. According to the inspection on the density of ordering food, held in the US, 35% of people order once a week, 30% order two or three times a week and 12% order four or even six times a week. What’s interesting is that only 4% of responders have never ordered takeaways.

All these applications greatly differ in their access of undertaking business; still all these have some definite things in universal. Based on that, we have prepared a list of some must-have features that a latest food service app should definitely have. Let’s have a look:

Food Menus and Search

All food business entrepreneurs are these days reliant upon GrubHub’s API that aggregates all the restaurant information, such as the menus, address, open hours etc. and saves them on the cloud. With this access, the clients can calmly salvage the needed info and easily place an order.


As an order, a lot of food delivery apps are possible only in certain places or regions so that they ask customers to enter their zip code or have a “locate me” button. It is relevant in order to avoid distraction by ordering from another part of the world. Additionally, some apps use geolocation to maintain menu differences in different areas and to appraise the transportation time and fee.

Online payments

Integration of mobile payment gateway can deliver comfort to your users and your accountant tracking as well. Today’s market provides various payment structures, specially tailored for trading goods, such as Stripe, PayPal, BrainTree and many others. Each of them has its own tweaks, so earlier to choosing one, it is better to get in contact with their representatives.

Order tracking

Though it is not a must have item, many customers like to audit the status of their delivery. This preference can be featured via an individual menu in your app or a messaging service, when you get an SMS alerts with notifications informing you when the food is ready, leaves the restaurant and gets to its location. Advanced process of verifying the present status of your order is real-time GPS tracking when you can verify the way your food is coming to you.

Prompt and timely delivery

On Demand economy runs on convenient delivery. It has been observed that customers upon having deferred delivery give up the application. However, to be on the secure side, you can have a little edge. Remember, attaining a little early will create a relation, but a little wait will assuredly irritate them.

This is why you must receive the orders, keeping in mind your capability to convenient deliver them. Do not stream for capacity, focus more on service quality.

Growth of Online Food Ordering Trends

While e-commerce is promptly growing around the world, the food industry also initiated to take its’ place in this increasing area. In India, the trend of ordering food online is choosing up! It has become an endless pursuit of new and exciting food products and experiences. The global food delivery operating services are working precisely and the food delivery sector is indeed changing for good. Incorporate your existent food business with a food ordering mobile application. Apart from promoting sales, an app can help you save a lot of time as well as money.

Take Away

Do you own club,restaurant, bar, cafe, or lounge? And intending to make your own on-demand food delivery app? If yes, then you have arrived at the right page. We are top-notch mobile app development company with a proven knowledge in on-demand food delivery app development. We serve end-to-end solutions.Get in touch to build your first or next online food ordering app to support your existing food business.

If you are looking for something more than Absolutely feel free to reach us any moment only at


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26 Apr

Are You Looking For Startup Of Taxi Booking App then here is the Suggestion

taxi booking mobile app

The mobile revolution extensive this age is making waves in the full service industry. With most of the companies changing their stand in terms of customer convenience and comfort. In fact, the recent changes in the landscape of the car rental market are ostensibly managed by the mobile bookings and transactions. This progression of taxi services has widespread impact on the users who can now download a taxi booking app on their device, book a taxi, and make online payments through mobile banking. The full strategy is clarified by the mobile applications but again, there are positive hitches that must be moved from their functionality.

How Taxi Booking Apps Work?

The scenario in taxi booking app services was rather grisly before the presentation of mobile apps in this domain. It was tough to book the taxi anytime and from anyplace. However, when the cab aggregator like Uber launched its full-fledged mobile app, this problem was finally relieved. The process became easier. The users can, now, send an inquiry for the taxi through their smartphones. Instantly, they are equipped a time-frame for the appearance of the taxi at the place where it was asked for and then, the taxi reaches well on the at specified time.

There are certain indicators that have been taken care of while developing the Best taxi app:

Unique Passenger and Driver Dashboard

The two main entities that manage the Taxi Booking business are the passengers and the driver. So in the mobile app edition of Uber Clone has specific passenger and a driver dashboard to manage their activities.

User Friendly Admin Dashboard

Uber PHP Script comes loaded with advanced user friendly admin dashboard for easy management of different modules. It comes with the web based edition.

Smooth Payment Gateway Method

For easy payment procedure across the chain, we have comprehended standard PayPal Payment Gateway with Uber PHP Clone.

Google Map Integration

To mark up the Pick Up Location, customers and drivers can use Google Map integrated with our developed taxi booking script.

Referral Code Module

Referral Codes are one of the leading process for lead generation. The drivers or passengers can assign a friend that shall equip them with a certain credit deadline in case the friend to whom he/she has assigned will register through the app as a customer and books a trip. Besides, the friend registered will also get helped.

Cost Calculation/Fare Estimates Support

Uber Clone is created to maintain authentic fare estimates to the customers at live by integrating reliable cost/fare estimates calculation solutions.

Ratings and Reviews

It is truly said that high works come up when response are received and implemented. Uber Clone Script implements response feature in form of Ratings and Review panel where drivers are given reviews and ratings by the customers.

Taxi/Car Details

To smooth access and pick up solution, passengers over Uber Clone Script are permitted to speedily browse the cab/taxi/car details they need to pick up.

Driver Details

For quick booking of taxi, passengers are equipped with rapid retrieval of driver details so that they can examine the driver’s profile and find the most relevant driver for their trip.


Notifications are an initial requirement for any mobile app today that keeps users updated frequently.


Taxi booking app development from Infograins Software Solutions has been created to track and book the taxi efficiently. The features also involve mobile demand recognition for drivers. The app from SIS works in real time while performing the idea of booking cabs. With our cab/taxi app development services, we have targeted to focus the features that are regionally approved and have a greater requirement while creating taxi app script. Our taxi booking app development service offers a smooth opportunity to straight register with the application. The taxi booking application development services will also use to track the nearby drivers and setting up the pick up location.

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08 Apr

How to Create a Dating App That Would Fulfill Potential Users

Dating App

The mobile dating app market is overflowing with different distinctive app developers. There is hardly anyone who has never heard about this, and at last one of these applications is used by the almost all smartphone users. If you find something like “dating apps” on Google, you will search several relevant search results involving reviews and articles. The popularity and success of these dating apps have made various other people looking for probability in application business world, and thinking about making something alike. After all, dating app are like other social platform, when everybody around you is using them, you start thinking of using it as well.

Creating a dating app

Before you start developing a dating app, it is needed to do a market research, equipping you the proficiency about your possible users and competitors. So, it’s the time to view into some statistics about dating and relevant apps.

The pace of life is somehow fast, but unbalanced today. People need to make money, build a career and become prosperous keeping relationships away as it can disturb them from their aims. According to a research, about 58% of individual people concede that they lead an immensely busy life to go on a date. These people are those who may not be attentive in your application and can never become your potential users, until they start to look into their personal life.

For app developers; both in Android app development and iPhone app development, it is obligatory to know that the first thing users look out for in dating apps, is safety. This is because strangers get to meet through these apps and it’s encouraging to know that the person you’re chatting with is not a sex culprit or some pervert with a record. As a developer, you should work towards making your prospective app secure, like establishing security checks and questions in place for anyone who logs into the app.

From user reaction over the years, it is secure to say that the main elements users look out for involve, approach control, messaging and matching of individuals.

What is the point of dating apps without messaging? To get to know someone better, you have to start a chat. Bumble and JSwipe are examples of dating apps that make users message each other, instead of playing around. So, make arrangement on your app for push notifications that would warn users to message each other when they meet new people.

Matching random strangers to each other is somewhat. Some applications use an algorithm while others ask questions about the inclination and match two people who have related interests. Apps like Hinge, match people based on their common friends, but this makes their options limited. So, entrepreneurs should make it easy for two people who share the same interests and even location, to find each other on dating apps.

These apps should be created in such a way that users would have to put up their actual information and not some alias as the latter impacts reliability, beating the function of finding authentic potential partners.

Also, you can add adverts that would get you into profit when they are clicked on. The downside of this is that it can be disturbing for people who are more interested in finding dates, which might make them dike the app. Alternatively, you can participate with businesses that are related to dating; like hangouts, restaurants, gift shops, jewelry stores etc.

Another option is hosting live dating events on your app and creating them buy tickets, with added stimulus. To actually make profit from your dating app, you have to offer attractive and profitable services and if probable, partner with businesses similar to the dating business.

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31 Mar

How Infograins Is The Appropriate Company For Ecommerce Website Development

Ecommerce Website Development Infograins

E-commerce Website Development

In today’s world where the internet and technology have taken everybody by gust, it is almost necessary to have a website for your business. Selling online is the trend of the day and no one needs to delay behind in the race. Having an Ecommerce Website Development Services is the best way to be in vogue and boost your business. But, only having an ecommerce website is not enough. The website should also be designed as per the latest technologies and tools so that the user gets the latest and the best experience. The website should be designed keeping the future and the target customer in mind.

Why Choose Infograins for Ecommerce website Development?

Infograins is known as an ecommerce website development company In India and its capability to deliver E-Commerce Solutions for all kinds of business demands that have helped it reach this position. There is no fear to say that today E-Commerce solutions have become one of the most vital tools for every enterprise to have a perfectly suitable online existence as it is the only way to adjust with changing scenarios of global markets. And considering this, Infograins offers economical E-Commerce web design services that can be availed in a wide range of options.

No specific expertise or software is needed and the ecommerce link can be simply integrated into your website at your end. What’s more, you can maintain your products from your own web-based control panel. Whatever be the requirement/size of your business, we can assist you and help your business profit from an e-commerce solution.

Benefits of Infograins E-Commerce Solutions

The main aim behind the formation of E-Commerce websites is to gain the sales. The intention is to equip users with a perfect checkout experience so that there is a minor chance of bumping back and higher profits can be generated. E-Commerce website design services provided by Infograins help you in the following ways:

  • Allow easy merchandising, marketing, catalog and order management, etc.
  • It expedites a rich customer experience
  • It helps you contain B2C and B2B business models
  • It enhances the performance levels and speeds up transaction processes.
  • You can maximize your flexibility, performance and scalability
  • Using our E-Commerce solutions, you can easily integrate different channels, processes and systems together


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24 Mar

Top 5 Drupal Web Development Services Trends For 2017 – Jump In!


Drupal as a content management system (CMS) offers enormous library of add-ons. Drupal could be a best choice when you want to come up with a website for your online business. If you want advanced drupal web development services, the team of Infograins Software Solutions will offer Customized modules of drupal for your organization as per your necessities.

Drupal Website Development Services

Here we’ll discuss top 5 important factors as for Drupal web development services trends for 2017. Let’s start.

1. Multiple user managements with approval

Drupal gives complete functionality access to users without any restriction. It depends on you who is going to be an admin or moderator of your website. For example, if for a blogging website you have various writers and need anybody to delete or add their blog then you can add them as admin.

2. Can Set Adaptable Price Slabs:

Drupal is ludicrous because it clarifies the full procedure of alluring customers. It will also simplify you to set price slabs for the overseas clients on account of location, product type, packaging and more.

3. Simple Customized content types

With the content, structure kits it very easy to build new content and also set them for viewers. This procedure does not need any coding technique and makes it SEO content with some other Add-ons. Some of the content types are blogs, posts, books, news stories, albums and tutorials.

4. No Premium Plugins / Modules:

There is no such presence of premium plugins or modules in drupal community. Drupal commerce is essentially an open-source and free-to-use software which consists no plugin or module.

5. Easy Graphics Management

All the designs can be edited simply with drupal using thousands of template and themes designs. There are predefined page purpose which make the complex page composition simpler ones. It also gives image resizing, easy uploading and other functionalities that too without any squabble.


As a Drupal Development company, Infograins Software Solutions compose a team of capable developers that all the time works devotedly. We deliver highly malleable solutions and services that are tailor-made to grasp exact specifications of your online business.

The post is all about a knowledge of drupal web development. It is value for any company providing Drupal website development services to read out this & obtain sufficient knowledge. This can show you all the ways to make drupal website smoothly.

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14 Mar

iBeacon & Beacon App Development Services By Infograins | Hire Now!


Beacon app is very helpful for businesses for analyzing customer’s behavior, expanding sales and for giving important info to customers. iBeacon is a technology developed by Apple that uses Bluetooth low strength signal that can be observed by your iOS device. The technology is harnessed in order to build a various way of offering location-based information as well as services to iPhones and iOS devices.Even though an Apple iPad can exhale and receive an iBeacon signal, it doesn’t make the Beacons App Development itself. In fact, it comes from third-party manufacturers such as Qualcomm, Estomote, BlueSense, Gelo etc. In order to check its compatibility with iOS devices, Apple has made a statement of the need of producer in order to have a license for making beacons for iOS products under the MFI program.

There are several advantages of using iBeacon that you can ask for. In this regard, mentioned below profits of this technology should be considered properly:


One of the most relevant advantages of iBeacon is automation. As soon as people having your mobile app in their smartphones enter your store, the doors would be automatically opened for them through iBeacon. You could also need this technology as an advertising medium. For example, as soon as the person crosses a particular check point, he could be greeted about all the recent products in your store.


Being a business owner, your top most task is to know whether your customers are fulfilled or not and the best thing is that this technology works for the same. This is because it allows you to examine the several data related to the customer without putting much effort.

Cost effectiveness

Unlike NFC, iBeacon development could verify to be very cost effective. The range of NFC is only up to 0.20 meters while that for iBeacon is up to 50 meters. So you could imagine the cost that you would have to incur if you set up NFCs in your office rather than iBeacons. Also, the hardware of Beacon is substantially reasonable and could be installed anywhere at a considerably cheap.

Increase Sales

It plays a important role in extending your sales rate by alerting customers of some reciprocal products. It also helps by alerting customers of popup stores, pop up launch events and also tells customers the way to find a product if it is out of stock.

Advantages of Using Our Beacon App Development Company

Expert, proven team, experienced in App development.
Latest tools and dedicated project management.
We provide technical support on a 24/7 basis
We offer flexible and scalable solutions
We deliver on time and within your budget
Build highly secure iBeacon applications.
Powerful analytics providing real ROI for your project.
Custom iBeacon design and architecture.
Our customer experience is unrivaled

Hire Expert iBeacon & Beacon App Developers @ Infograins Software Solutions

Here, at Infograins Software Solutions, we use the latest technologies to build the Beacon app development for both Android and iOS. Beacon applications are constructed using Low Energy Bluetooth, which is a wireless personal area network used for short distance transmissions. Moreover, it is very less power consuming than normal Bluetooth.

Mostly used for location-based information, Beacon based apps are a very useful way to track down things in your nearby areas. Also, these trendy apps can be quite good for a company. We will provide you the most economical apps for both Android and iOS, at a reasonable price. Our team has Beacon experts working on different ideas, one can be yours too.

Give us a shout:

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04 Mar

6 Reasons To Choose Bootstrap Development For Your Business – Infograins

Bootstrap Development Company

Bootstrap create front-end web development simpler and faster. It’s made for folks of all skill levels, projects of all sizes and devices of all shapes. It appears as a prominent network system that is utilized to build a splendid web page that fits the screen of any devices accurately equipped with all the features. This framework is based on JavaScript which is combined with HTML and CSS in order to make the task of developing interface components much easier.

Here are few points why you should choose Bootstrap Development:

Reason #1. Easy-to-use and Time saving : It is fully easy to create responsive website using bootstrap framework. If you have basic knowledge and understanding of CSS and HTML, you can develop websites. Using bootstrap framework, you can save a lot of time.

Reason #2. Customizable :  A asset of bootstrap is that it is 100% customizable. You can pick and choose what is required. Bootstrap templates and themes can be customized as per your project requirement.

Reason #3. Pre-defined styles : Bootstrap access with pre-defined style components for nav bars, alerts, drop downs, etc. Hence, being a feature-rich, Bootstrap provides various advantages of using it. Hope you would have understood the above reasons so that you can simply use Bootstrap for making superb web designs for your sites!

Reason #4. Suitable with every browser :  Bootstrap development framework is suitable with every browsers. A bootstrap theme or template is compatible on all browsers.

Reason #5. Powerful and Sleek open source : Bootstrap is an open-source framework. So, you don’t need to deal with licensing and purchasing problems. This framework gives you an authority to adapt it whenever you want.

Reason #6. Responsiveness : The demand for responsive websites is expanding as more and more people use mobile devices. Bootstrap framework is flexible to all platforms. So, you don’t need to worry about your work if you shift from a desktop to iPad.

Infograins software solutions is a Bootstrap Development Company building a responsive website with bootstrap to client around the world. We have professional team of Bootstrap developer based web application developers who are capable to provide custom website development services for our clients across the globe.

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25 Feb

Looking To Best IPhone App Development Company 2017


2017 should be a big year for tech startups and entrepreneurs because digital revolution is changing the business landscape in a very great way. The tech behemoth – Apple, earned a whopping $1.1 billion revenue in one year – exclusively from mobile apps and in-app purchases. With the proliferation of more devices, the appeal for iphone app developers is going to swiftly increase in the near future. Time to gear up!

To boost your sales chart instantly and be available to your clients across the globe, for 24/7 is not an impossible task at all, but with a right IPhone mobile app you can make it work in your favor. You only need to get your Iphone app development concept to be handled by a best iphone app development company 2017, which can understand what the requirement of your business is and what your consumer’s demand is. The Iphone app development process with a best mobile app development company turns into a happy journey to be cherished forever.

In an era where resilience in technologies controls the life of individuals wirelessly, iPhone comes with the FAST 3G/4G features such as desktop class email facility, video downloading, text and multimedia messaging, computing, video recording, GPS, and many other ground breaking features.

Supplied with relevant iPhone applications businesses can automate their key business process and stay informed about the latest updates.

Although, there are a huge number of iphone application development companies available in the tech market, but you need to play your intellect card to select the right option for developing a mobile app for your business. The Iphone application development services must have flawless information about the ios app development process and should not only depend and provide the good mobile app design with accurate Iphone application development process, but it should also include the result-oriented Iphone app development services coupled with mesmerizing UI/UX and the impeccable Iphone application development process infused with the effectual marketing as well. This all combine, make a perfect and best Iphone app Development Company.

IPhone Application Development Services

  • Sports Applications
  • Business Applications
  • Travel Applications
  • Tools & Utilities Applications
  • Entertainment Applications
  • Social Networking Applications
  • Online Shopping Applications
  • Lifestyle, Education Applications
  • Books & Reference Applications
  • Entertainment & Personalisation


Infograins Software Solutions is the team of experienced application designers, quality assurance analysts and solution architects whose exquisite services insure undoubtedly best in class bespoke solutions. We offer devoted service in entire lifecycle of software development from concept building to analysis to development to feature evaluation without making you break your banks. We manage the project, design, develop, test, launch, and market your Iphone apps in the best possible way.

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