Top 5 Sector where Big Data Used in Practice
04 Apr

Top 5 Sector where Big Data Used in Practice

Big Data Analytics

Can you imagine running your business without a deep analysis of your real-time data? Every wise businessman will give a negative answer if he is asked this question. In other words, without perfect data analysis, you cannot give your business a particular direction because you do not know the exact position of your business. For example, if you want to know the reason for the sudden decline in sales of a particular product in an area, it is tough to determine the reasons without a real-time data. And if the data is available, the main cause can be caught immediately. So, this is the main reason for the emergence of the term Big Data Analytics and nowadays, it is used in several major areas.

Let us see where Big Data is in practice!

Healthcare and Public Health

The concept of Big Data is used in the health care and public industry where big Data analytics help the researchers find new ways to cure the diseases and predict the new patterns of the diseases. The use of Big Data with the help of your phone or Smart watches may reach new levels of research or studies where collecting the data from numerous individuals is quite possible. With the help of Big Data analytics, it is possible to predict the outbreaks of disease on a large scale. And if the data from social media is included, real-time monitoring of the disease outbreaks is also possible.

Improving Sports Performance

Big Data is widely used in every sport to track the performance of the players. For example, Video analytics is used in football or baseball while Slam Tracker tool is used in Tennis. Similarly, Sensor technology is used in sports equipment to get real-time feedback with the help of Smart phones or cloud servers. Moreover, Smart devices not only track your performance but they also help you build an improved strategy for your next game.

Customer care and support:

To attract more customers or to convert the visitors into the loyal customers, it is essential to have a deep understanding of the behavior of customers. With the aim of attracting more customers, they have started to do some experiments on the data they have received with the help of social media along with using traditional ways. Using big data, it is possible for the companies to make the correct prediction about the habits or behavior of the customers and they may use such predictions to enhance the quality of customer relationship management and customer support.

Business Process Optimization

Big Data is also an integral part of all the efforts to improve or optimize business processes. Companies rely on the social media based predictions to optimize the stock and moreover, the optimization of the supply chain process or delivery chain process is also based on big data. In Addition, experts use big data analytics to optimize the HR business processes as well.

These are some important areas where Big Data Analytics Services at Infograins are used and certainly, there are several other areas where Big Data is using or going to make a big difference.

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