5 IoT Trends That May Become Mainstream In Future
11 Apr

5 IoT Trends That May Become Mainstream In Future


2017 has gone and we have to think about the impacts of various technologies that affect our lives in various areas. Certainly, 2017 was the year of technological advancements and this trend should be going on the next year. If we talk about IoT, it has witnessed a sudden upsurge in 2017 and the experts are predicting the same for the future as well. by 2020, nearly 20 billion devices are going to be connected with Internet Of Things and the IoT businessmen are expected to do a business of 300 billion dollars.

Thus, we have to consider the upcoming IoT trends in the next year. Here is a list of 5 IoT trends.

1. Security:

With the increased use of the internet, we observe more devices depends on the IoT and at the same time, there is a huge need of IoT security because more information is shared by the internet connectivity. Every industry seeks for the security systems to keep their data systems safe and secure.

In the upcoming years, IoT devices may be equipped with certain and required security features, such as layered machine-to-machine authentication or biometric logins. The experts hope for the vital use of artificial intelligence and big data with the aim of a more powerful IoT security. 

2. AI and Big Data:

While plenty of devices are connected to IoT, the increase in the amount of data seems not surprising. However, this data needs to be processed and analyzed with the help of well-defined Big Data techniques. Actually, IoT applications cannot emerge without the assistance of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data techniques and modern experts know it well. Maybe in near future, we have to study about the possible relationship between the AI, Big Data, and IoT.

3. Home appliances:

Today’s homes are more comfortable just because of smart devices the people like to have in their homes. The smart home appliances have witnessed a huge popularity in 2017 and IoT powered smart devices are going to create the same magic in 2018. There are two main factors that keep these devices in demand and that are comfort and safety. However, it is also a good idea to use smart home appliances to reduce the bill and to conserve energy.

4. Healthcare sector:

Healthcare is a truly important sector that should adopt the applications of IoT and in fact, this sector has started to use the features of IoT. Health professionals and health seekers are experiencing a huge need for medical smart devices, such as monitors, wearable devices, sensors, and other medical equipment.

5. Mobile Platforms:

Mobile platforms were expected to be in the top previous year and the experts are predicting the same in 2018. The trend of using Mobile platforms will be increased for IoT devices and not only 2018 but several upcoming years are going to be dependent on the Mobiles.

The experts of Infograins Software Solution are sure that upcoming years are going to witness more advancement in the field and they are ready to meet the increasing requirements of the customers. Moreover, they are constantly proving that they are the best choice for the development related to the IOT Development field. With such companies, we hope to see a sustained growth in the field of IoT.

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