Enhance Your App Downloads by Shrinking Your App Size
02 Nov

Enhance Your App Downloads by Shrinking Your App Size

Today world, we count on richer content, better images, and extra features from our mobile apps, and none of this comes at no cost! The memory of your android device has increased, an app may use an extra space it delivers a bad user experience.

Your app is going to reach many users, you have to focus on the extent of your Android Package Kit (APK). It directly affects the users who install your application.

There are some reasons why the size of your APK might be effect your App:

. Firstly user notices the size of the app and decides to install the app or not based on its


. Installation fails due to less space on a device.

We are going to share some features that help you to build your app in a small size.

1. Remove unused library code:

Libraries may also contain strings for a number of languages, however, if your assignment doesn’t explicitly support these languages then those strings are just adding pointless bulk on your final APK.

2. Get specific with Google Play Services:

Instead of including the entire library on your projects, use google play services.

3. Remove all unreferenced resources:

Sometimes unused resources find their way in your projects and take unnecessary space. So, remove all this unreferenced resource from your application.

4. Remove unused methods and classes:

Remove all unused methods, classes, fields, attributes and libraries from your application you developed. There are some tools( ProGuard) in android that identify these unused methods and classes.

5. Compress Images Size:

You may reduce the files size without losing image quality using tools like pngcrush and pngquant. All this allows reducing the size while the quality of images will be same.

6. Removable Debug Information:

Remove all debug related functionality from your application. An app does not use this data and android OS does not require it to run an application.

These are some techniques to reduce the size of an application. If you are looking for the app that includes this all quality in your application and helps you to grow your business then, Infograins is here to help you. Infograins is highly customized android application development company. We offer flexible engagement models for our clients as per his requirements.

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21 Jan

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