Building a Modern Web Applications Using MEAN Stack
24 May

Building a Modern Web Applications Using MEAN Stack

web application using MEAN Stack

A number of surveys have specified a constant growth in the number of people obtaining websites on their smartphones and tablets. Hence, it becomes necessary for developers to take up responsive web design to make the websites view good and usable on both mobiles and computer devices. Google more suggests web application developers and owners to adopt responsive web design to growth the search engine visibility and ranking of websites. Hence, most developers nowadays mix open web technologies like CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript to make the websites more responsive and mobile-friendly.

As a client-side scripting language, JavaScript is currently being used by more than 95% of all websites. The web developers can take advantage of MEAN stack to write both front-end and back-end of the website in JavaScript. As a free and open source software stack, MEAN has four key components MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and NodeJS. As each component of MEAN stack is open source and free, it becomes developers to make modern and dynamic modern web applications without expanding project overheads. There are also a number of reasons why many developers nowadays opt for MEAN stack.

MEAN Stands For :

MongoDB : an open source, cross-platform and NoSQL database. It authorize web application developers to save data in binary JSON structure. Hence, the developers can comfortably replace the traditional table-based relational database structure with JSON-like records.

ExpressJS : one of the most trendy web application server frameworks for building web apps. It’s light-weight and helps you arrange your web app into an MVC architecture on the server side. It organizes application’s routing and equips a comprehensive set of middleware to enable you to simply regulation the stream of your app and contribute you the capability to quickly create simple to extensive APIs.

AngulaJS : AngularJS is an MVC based JavaScript framework for productive web apps. It is consistently a SPA framework, and adds value to HTML. Using two-way data binding, it updates the visions dynamically whenever basic model changes. It also equip basic templating directives, form validation, reusable components routing, dependency injection and deep-linking. AngularJS web further enables users to use directives to clarify development of large and complicated websites.

Node JS : Node JS enables web developers to write server-side code in JavaScript. However, NodeJS, unlike other JavaScript tools, is a cross-platform runtime engine. Also, it relies on Google’s V8 JavaScript engine to interpret the code written in JavaScript. Node JS development is an event driven and has a non-blocking i/o model.

The MEAN Stack Architecture

Mean Architecture

Mean Architecture


Advantages Of Developing Web Applications With MEAN stack

It is Open Source, so you can tweak it to your preferences if you’re an experienced user
Consistent models across stack (backend to frontend and back)
Single language is used in the whole application
Very low memory footprint/overhead
JSON is used for transferring data
Leverage Javascript’s popularity
Node.js’s huge module library
Support for the MVC pattern
Huge Community

Many business owners are using the mean stack to modernize their existing websites and apps. It is also perfect for other web content like blogs, media websites, data-intensive and real-time messaging applications. If you are frightened by the task of setting up MEAN, Infograins Software Solutions MEAN stack development services team can help break it down for you. Our expert consultants will help you develop the perfect technology plan for your business.

Once you have built up your mind, our expert of mean stack developers can help you get started. With precise training and extensive hands-on experience, our team will promptly transform your idea in to a world class application. Infograins Software Solutions has helped various enterprises develop great technology solutions. A powerful IT solution such as MEAN and a reliable technology partner in Infograins will give your business a significant competitive edge.

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