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14 Mar

iBeacon & Beacon App Development Services By Infograins | Hire Now!


Beacon app is very helpful for businesses for analyzing customer’s behavior, expanding sales and for giving important info to customers. iBeacon is a technology developed by Apple that uses Bluetooth low strength signal that can be observed by your iOS device. The technology is harnessed in order to build a various way of offering location-based information as well as services to iPhones and iOS devices.Even though an Apple iPad can exhale and receive an iBeacon signal, it doesn’t make the Beacons App Development itself. In fact, it comes from third-party manufacturers such as Qualcomm, Estomote, BlueSense, Gelo etc. In order to check its compatibility with iOS devices, Apple has made a statement of the need of producer in order to have a license for making beacons for iOS products under the MFI program.

There are several advantages of using iBeacon that you can ask for. In this regard, mentioned below profits of this technology should be considered properly:


One of the most relevant advantages of iBeacon is automation. As soon as people having your mobile app in their smartphones enter your store, the doors would be automatically opened for them through iBeacon. You could also need this technology as an advertising medium. For example, as soon as the person crosses a particular check point, he could be greeted about all the recent products in your store.


Being a business owner, your top most task is to know whether your customers are fulfilled or not and the best thing is that this technology works for the same. This is because it allows you to examine the several data related to the customer without putting much effort.

Cost effectiveness

Unlike NFC, iBeacon development could verify to be very cost effective. The range of NFC is only up to 0.20 meters while that for iBeacon is up to 50 meters. So you could imagine the cost that you would have to incur if you set up NFCs in your office rather than iBeacons. Also, the hardware of Beacon is substantially reasonable and could be installed anywhere at a considerably cheap.

Increase Sales

It plays a important role in extending your sales rate by alerting customers of some reciprocal products. It also helps by alerting customers of popup stores, pop up launch events and also tells customers the way to find a product if it is out of stock.

Advantages of Using Our Beacon App Development Company

Expert, proven team, experienced in App development.
Latest tools and dedicated project management.
We provide technical support on a 24/7 basis
We offer flexible and scalable solutions
We deliver on time and within your budget
Build highly secure iBeacon applications.
Powerful analytics providing real ROI for your project.
Custom iBeacon design and architecture.
Our customer experience is unrivaled

Hire Expert iBeacon & Beacon App Developers @ Infograins Software Solutions

Here, at Infograins Software Solutions, we use the latest technologies to build the Beacon app development for both Android and iOS. Beacon applications are constructed using Low Energy Bluetooth, which is a wireless personal area network used for short distance transmissions. Moreover, it is very less power consuming than normal Bluetooth.

Mostly used for location-based information, Beacon based apps are a very useful way to track down things in your nearby areas. Also, these trendy apps can be quite good for a company. We will provide you the most economical apps for both Android and iOS, at a reasonable price. Our team has Beacon experts working on different ideas, one can be yours too.

Give us a shout: info@infograins.com

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