Mechanics have become rare to come by. The talented and seasoned experts in mechanics have been scattered in many places. Customers are searching for the right mechanics who knows their stuff. A day without their s would make the customer's day a frustrated one. If the customer's is broken down in the middle of nowhere and an app that can assure them a mechanics will be on the way to service them would assuredly make the customer base would grow indefinitely. Entrepreneurs can make full use of this traditional family business and take it to On-Line demand market with the right mobile app. If you have the right idea to start the Mechanics service for your local community, then Uber like app for Mechanics is your right choice. Complete your mechanical services without any hassles. Create your own Uber like app for Mechanics app with all the features thrown in making it a well-rounded app and bring all the experts in mechanics under one roof for your customer's convenience.