Quality Assurance
Do you know when business models or market tendency variation, then the applications that support them urges to be developed as soon as it can be, software quality testing is apparently the first one to be minced off from the budget in spite of the fact that the software defects will have a direct and negative impact on its marketing. It is achieved that a software glitch found post production costs much more than the glitch found during its design stage. Quality Assurance serves as the finger-on-the-pulse on the entire software development life cycle.

Our professionals provide a full process of testing services of business applications for desktop, smartphones, tabs and we comply to various testing techniques to meet your appeals. We have a team that will keep you modernized during the product development process. We plan tests on various carriers to figure out the app’s rapport in their computing world.

Quality Assurance Phases
A typical quality assurance lifecycle at Infograins is divided into 4 general phases:

Initiation phase:
Within this phase QA engineers become conversant with product demands and equip test artifacts for future tests.

First review phase:
The first detailed tests of the primary development deliverables are completed in this phase. Sometimes it is essential to enhance QA artifacts in this phase.

Cycle phase:
This phase affects the daily usual testing of the intermediate product versions.

Control phase:
Within this phase the product is largely examined to insure it is ready for production. The QA documentation describes, in detail, all workflows inside and between all the phases, required artifacts, roles and activities involved.

Why Infograins?
We Value our customers and deliver 100% quality assurance
We are illustrious for best customer pivotal on site-offshore testing model
Our experience stretch almost all the major methodologies & testing procedures
Our potent understanding for all the latest testing tools & strategies to operate them
We can proudly say that we have the best expertise for configuring your platforms with excellence.