Big Data Analytics

Infograins offerings Big Data Analytics services that has been delivering value to its customers through smart data intuition that have been helping customers with gained profit options, higher marketing impact, lower costs and winning them loyal and happy customers.

In the present scenario, there is no standard technology for data security for analytics engagement. Also, the customer has the doubt of revealing the data to 3rd party or competitor and has inhibitions in appealing a new partner. Infograins uses special IPs and secured cluster access for data anonymity, so that clients get a guaranteed security.

In many occurrence, getting data is crucial or inadequate. In such cases, the delivery of analytics is reliant only on the feature of the data available. Infograins takes a step further to ensure that the customer influences best practices in data extrapolation to enhance the quality of data used.

In the real world, customers do not require just analysis but they need analytics that can mitigate risks, indicate tangibles and show the best practices. Generally this kind of data generation needs a long gestation period for value delivery and even so, it will have very limited simplicity on value definition. Infograins not only expendites the value delivery from months to weeks, but also contributes clarity on the expected deliverable.

Big Data Consulting Services
Assessment of technology and select the right platform
Architecture Assessment and Definition
Prototyping & Benchmarking

Big Data Implementation Services
Installing and Configuring Hadoop on new environment
Developing applications using Map Reduce Programming
Analytical Application Development like web log analysis or social media analysis using Hadoop, Hive etc.