Infograins has worked with clients at all ends of the business and scale spectrum to develop creative solutions. Our blockchain development expertise allows us to create tailored blockchain-based solutions for a variety of industries. With properly planned ICOs, smart contracts, smart wallets, Hyperledger, and other technologies, you may decentralize and automate operations while lowering operational expenses.

Infograins has the distinction of having completed 30+ end-to-end ICOs using a variety of tech stacks (such as the ERC20 token or its own Blockchain and Minable coins) and ICO marketing. We’re expanding our services to include the creation of STOs on our own blockchain, as well as a centralised exchange that accepts both utility and security tokens.

Our Providers

Our knowledgeable experts provide complex and dependable blockchain technology solutions for a wide range of applications.

Development of the Blockchain

Utilize blockchain technology to its full potential with unique solutions tailored to your needs.

Consultation on the Blockchain

Reliable assistance from our knowledgeable specialists to help you get the most out of our extensive services.

Development of Cryptocurrencies

Reliable assistance from our knowledgeable specialists to help you get the most out of our extensive services.

Exchange of Cryptocurrencies

White-labeled, highly secured, controlled, centralized and decentralized exchange with the fastest matching engine.

Cryptocurrency Exchange on a Peer-to-Peer Basis

Carry out a dependable, secure peer-to-peer exchange right now, wherever in the world, with our feature-rich, scalable platform that is combined with powerful blockchain and security integrations.

Development of the Wallet

The Universal Wallet secures cryptocurrency transactions and stores them. Both hard and soft forks are highly resistant to it.

Development of an Initial Coin Offering

For a successful cryptocurrency enterprise, we provide exceptional services in complete and dependable ICO solutions.

ICO Promotion

To attract investors, create strategic ICO marketing campaigns that use a potent combination of online and offline promotions.

Development of the First Exchange Offering

List your token on a reputable exchange to swiftly and easily raise revenue!

Offering of Security Tokens

Tokenize your debt and bond instruments, allowing you to liquidate long-term assets for short-term funding.

Exchange of Security Tokens

To exchange security, equity, and asset tokens, create your own Security Token Exchange or Broker-Dealer Platform.

STO Promotions

Brand your Token for the purpose of soliciting investment opportunities for approved and non-accredited investors within the legal restrictions.

Tokenization of real estate
With integrated cutting-edge blockchain technology and high-end security from our market specialist, tokenize your real estate and fractionalize ownership for increased profit.

Tokenization of Assets
Art, real estate, and gold bars are very illiquid assets, and legally acceptable tokenization of real-world assets can assist you in raising finance.

Development of Stablecoins
Create a cryptocurrency that is backed by real-world assets and is not susceptible to price fluctuations.

Offering of Equity Tokens
Dilution your equity into legally compliant tokens, with each share represented by a digitised and raise funds.


We assist you in developing a platform that eliminates middlemen and encourages peer-to-peer fiat-to-crypto exchange!

Healthcare on the Blockchain
Patients may control their data and improve the quality of care they receive by using clinical data from hospitals and other medical organisations.

Blockchain in the Banking and Finance Sector
Because of the security and trustlessness qualities of blockchain technology, banking and financial institutions will have higher client satisfaction.

Insurance on the Blockchain
The insurance business will be transformed as a result of the incorruptible character of the data, which ensures system transparency.

Blockchain in the Retail Industry
Inventory control, operational management, and customer happiness are all critical in the retail industry.

Governmental Blockchain
To retain faith in the government, the blockchain assures that people’ data is secure, protected, and correct.

Logistics with Blockchain
Blockchain enables new mobility services while also providing traceability and secure financial transactions. Human errors will be reduced as a result of the automation process.

Transportation on the Blockchain
The blockchain will eliminate fraud, improve operational efficiency, and allow passengers and other stakeholders to interact more quickly.

Blockchain in the Entertainment Industry
With blockchain’s immutable, secure, and trustless network, an assurance ecosystem is established around digital content.

Agriculture and Blockchain

Blockchain will offer transparent tracking of agricultural products from growing to consumption in the agriculture sector.

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Infograins is a technological powerhouse in the making, and it is always evolving as a result of our past experiences. We continue to advance in our education and grow into a technological powerhouse.

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