Ionic Framework Application Development

Creating mobile applications on top of the world’s #1 Ionic framework.

One of the extensive problems companies confrontation when making a smartphone application is the excess amount of building a native application across different platforms. We at Infograins solve this with the use of the Ionic app. It is an HTML5 framework for mobile apps development targeting hybrid mobile apps.

At Infograins, Ionic framework development is carried out by our eminently adequate developers, who have mastered in the technologies like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, that are used in developing this framework. The independent framework of Ionic makes development of apps attainable on all the leading mobile platforms.


Ionic is an open source framework. Its use for private or commercial project is for free. It is concentrated on building native app rather than mobile websites. For the kick-start we have to just put rebuilt template for our app design. Just put Ionic to your Cordova, Phonegap project and our app is accessible.

Ionic App Development solutions

Android Ionic

Iphone Ionic

Problems Faced During Ionic Framework Development

  • Development of Web Applications
  • Usually, when an application is developed using cross platform in Ionic, mobile do not accept it
  • Sometimes when building an app with Ionic speed goes down.
  • Mobile hangs while storing many apps
  • Developers need to pay more attention while developing app with Ionic

Expertise Infograins Software Solutions Carries in Ionic

  • 2+ Hybrid app development experience
  • Instant start of project
  • Expertise in Ionic Creator App
  • Unique and secure products
  • Athletic Method of working
  • Unique, latest and reliable technologies and tools
  • Friendly Executives always ready to help you

Why us for your solutions

  • We do sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) to protect you
  • confidential data or ideas
  • Unique and secure products
  • Friendly Executives who are always ready to help you to built Ionic Framework Application

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