PHP Website Development


At Infograins, We are able to develop interactive and user-friendly websites using Core-php. PHP development can be used for creating dynamic websites for businesses. PHP is most favored language for worldwide developers and is preferred as first choice to develop rich and interesting web applications. Programmers to develop interactive and user-friendly website.

Infograins has PHP development solutions for content management system, ecommerce, blogs etc.

Our experienced PHP developers have been providing core PHP development services to every business including small too big. PHP Website Development has many advantages that make it suitable for developing interactive and user-friendly websites.

Key features of core PHP Website Development Services :

● Cost effective open source language
● High performance and authenticity
● Easy integration with HTML codes
● Supports Windows, Linux and UNIX
● Customizable and Scalable
● 100% compatibility with operating systems
● Accommodates MySQL, Oracle, Informix, Solid, PostgreSQL and Generic ODBC databases.

API and web services development

We know that API are protocols which are must in order to develop web solutions, designs, plugins and modules. We at Infograins deeply understand your custom needs and requirements, we are specialized in providing high quality and scalable web API services for your web presence.

The API – Web Development services offered by Infograins offers many benefits:

● Helps in improving business processes.
● API web development services authorize users to increase the capability of their operations.
● Helps in augmenting comprehensiveness and preciseness of internal data.
● Custom API and web development.
● Development of high profile, and quick web applications.
● It offers a choice of language as well as development tool.

Database Design and Development

At Infograins, We develop robust Microsoft Access database software which are specifically designed to the specifications of the customer.

At Infograins, we always commit to deliver powerful relational databases with user friendly form interfaces and reports tailored to the data analysis requirements. If you need to design strong database systems for your product or business then let us know. We will help you with best -in-class database services.

● Database application software of an excellent grade of quality.
● Easy and user-friendly interfaces
● Useful reporting and analysis.
● Great understanding of your business, processes and requirements.
● Excellent customer service and support.
● Correct data design.
● Reliable/bug free software.
● A cost effective service.

We are also capable to migrate your existing databases to any of the respective database like MySQL, MsSQL with new interfaces and functionality based on your core business requirements. If you’re looking for a Microsoft Database Application, You’ve come to the right place. MS Access databases are our specialty.